How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned?

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How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned?


One question we get a lot is, How often should carpet be cleaned?

Since the carpet in your home is important to your living space it is not uncommon that you would want to keep your carpet in impeccable condition. Keeping your carpet clean is also helpful for reducing dust and odors over time. Carpet isn’t cheap and it’s part of the investment in your home, naturally you will want to keep in the best shape possible for years.

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends having your carpet professionally deep-cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This is a standard guideline however some may need carpets cleaned more often or less often. It really depends on circumstances such as kids, dogs, rental units, lots of foot traffic or not a lot of foot traffic.

Here are some things to consider when deciding what works for your personal needs when it comes to how often your carpet should be cleaned:

How often do you vacuum?

Do you vacuum once a week? Vacuuming once a week will help with keeping your carpet in better shape. If you vacuum once a week you are able to get crumbs and other items that fall on your floor from going deeper into your carpet. If you are vacuuming once a week you may be able to extend your professional carpet cleaning closer to the 18 month range. Alternatively if you rarely vacuum it is probably a good idea to keep your professional deep carpet cleaning schedule closer to 12 months or even every 6 months.

Do you or anyone living with you have allergies?

Allergens and dust that float around in our airspace will eventually fall to the floor and build up in your carpet. After months of building up in your carpet dust and allergens will go airborne again when people walk on the carpet and kick them back up. Regular professional carpet cleaning removes these dust particles and allergens from your carpet. If you have chronic allergy issues it is best to keep your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months.

What color is your carpet?

Yes, the color of your carpet can make a difference. If you have lighter color carpet dirt and stains tend to show up more than darker color carpet. Not only that lighter color carpets typically needs more frequent professional cleaning.

Do you have a warranty that requires a cleaning schedule?

If you have a warranty on your carpet you may have signed a contract that requires you to keep up a professional deep cleaning in order for your warranty to be valid if you have an issue where you need replacement. If you have a warranty check out the requirements, follow them, and keep your carpet cleaning receipts.

Do you have pets?

If you have pets it is a good idea to keep your carpets cleaned on a regular schedule closer to the 12 month timeframe, maybe even closer to every 6 months. Your pets can track in dirt from the outside, have accidents, or even vomit on your carpet. These types of problems not only leave stains they leave odors.

Do you have kids?

If you have babies or toddlers that spend a significant amount of time on the floor it is best to keep your carpet cleaning schedule between 6 to 12 months. You don’t want your baby to develop allergies or possible eat something that is embedded in your carpet. If you have kids that are a bit older than toddlers you might have more frequent spills or muddy footprints. Professional carpet cleaning will help with removing bad toxins from your carpets.

Do you wear shoes inside?

Since you wear shoes while you are out and about all day your shoes tend to gather dirt and other particles. Over time shoes on carpet wears down the fibers as well as leaves dirt and particles from outside. If you have a full active household the more dirt gets dragged in by shoes. High foot traffic areas in your home will eventually suffer from permanent worn down patterns in your carpet.

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