Santa Clarita Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Santa Clarita Residential Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum and spot cleaning a couple times a month is great but are your carpets and area rugs really clean? Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is imperative if you want your carpets and area rugs to last years.

In addition to the longevity of your carpets by having your carpets professionally cleaned; your homes air quality will be improved immensely. Our Santa Clarita residential carpet cleaning service will professionally clean your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs to perfection.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of professional carpet cleaning at your home, choose 661 Carpet Cleaners.

At 661 Carpet Cleaners, our mission is to go above and beyond your expectations with cleaning and restoration services. Our commitment to top-notch carpet cleaning service is our driving force behind out carpet cleaning process. Our residential carpet cleaning service is designed to get deep into carpet fibers to remove the dirt, allergens and contaminants that even the best vacuums and rented carpet cleaners leave behind.

In other words, your carpets and area rugs will never be cleaner or look better than they do after our carpet cleaning services.

“I highly recommend 661 Carpet Cleaners! They did an excellent job, and were able to fit us in right after I called and their rates were by far the best I found. They take great pride in their work and that was apparent on the job they did. Our carpets look absolutely amazing!!  I will definitely be using their services again. 
Thank you so much!”
– Jessica

Why Do I Need Residential Carpet Cleaning?

  • Routine cleaning extends the life of your carpet avoiding expensive carpet replacements.
  • Healthy carpets equals healthy family. Regular scheduled professional carpet cleanings helps remove unhealthy contaminants and allergens from your home.
  • Who doesn’t love to come home to fresh clean carpets?

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • Removes odors – Our professional residential carpet cleaning services remove stubborn odors.
  • Reduces indoor allergens – Dust, dander and mites contribute to allergies and asthma, but professional rug cleaning helps keeps these allergens under control.
  • Improve the appearance of your home – Fresh clean carpets will brighten up your home.

What’s That Stain on My Carpet?

Let your local 661 Carpet Cleaners remove stubborn stains in your home. Our professional-grade carpet cleaners and professional processes remove stains from your area rugs, carpets and other upholstered surfaces.

What’s Hiding in My Carpet?

Stains in your carpet are sometimes easy to see. There are also unseen substances such as dander and mold. 661 carpet cleaning services clean and remove what you can and can’t see.

How to Get Odors Out of Carpet?

Odors are hard to get out of carpets and typically the only way to do it is through a professional cleaning. Pet stain odors and wet carpet smells can be covered up for a short time with do-it-yourself cleaning methods but they will always creep back.

There are several layers to carpeting and DIY tactics only touch the surface. To get rid of odors for good professional carpet cleaning is required.

How Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process Works

When you hire 661 Carpet Cleaners to clean your home’s carpets and rugs:

  1. A deep vacuuming using agitation and advanced filters removes a substantial percentage of particulates.
  2. The application of preconditioning solution separates remaining soils from the carpet fibers.
  3. Agitation of the preconditioning solution to ensure maximum contact between the solution and the fibers.
  4. A high-efficiency hot-water rinse removes the cleaning solution and any particulates residing in your carpet, helping to avoid a “wet carpet” smell.
  5. Grooming restores the pile and eliminates matting, improving the overall appearance of your carpeting.
  6. After cleaning, carpets will be damp. Carpets will dry naturally over the course of 4 – 6 hours.
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